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School History
Presti Karate started as Kim Studio, back in 1966. by Mr Pat Johnson, Master Presti's first instructor. When Mr Johnson left Niagara Falls, His brother Joe, and Tony Pedulla continued the same quality instruction as Pat Johnson had. Master Presti came into the picture during his fighting career, he joined forces with Joe Presti and Tony Pedulla, only to buy out Tony's share of the business. Joe left the business in 1984 to further his insurance profession. Tony Pedulla became a Bus driver and is currentely retired and still works out at Presti's Fitness every morning.
In 1983 Kim studio took on the name of Presti School of Karate, which is now known as Presti Karate Centers. With 2 locations, 7711 Porter Road in Niagara Falls, 225 Portage Rd in Lewiston. Presti Karate is approaching its 53rd year in business and IS the oldest Martial Arts school in Western New York.
The most common question to Master Presti is How is that you became a part of UFAF. It all started in 1979 when John Presti contacted Mr. Johnson in California, because he and Joe felt that they plateaued, and nowhere to go and wanted to learn more. Mr. Johnson was very impressed with them that they didn't do what everyone else did, promote themselves. He said that Mr. Chuck Norris's organization is looking for good Black belts who want to learn. The rest was history. Presti Karate is Niagara's most prestigious schools, opened since 1970 over 50 years of service to the Niagara Falls Community.
Mr Presti, still provides to his student the highest level of training. And he still gets promotions himself, a sure sign that he and his staff are on the right road. He is the highest rank black belt on the East Coast of North America in Chun Kuk Do.
Presti Karate recognized as School of the Year from Grand Master Chuck Norris on July 18th 2009
For more information, please read the bio of Master Presti under instructor profiles.

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