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Posted On 06-08-2023
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New Niagara Falls location
Posted On 09-28-2021
We moved our Niagara Falls location to a brand newly built building on Porter Road.
We should be opening 10/1/21 for classes.
We're excited about this clean, & safe environment.
We're located 3/10s of a mile behind burger king on military road..on the right hand side.
We will have new openings for the age groups 4-5, 6-7,8-10,11-13 yr olds
Then through all ages of adults.
We do have a waiting list .so stop by any morning to visit with Master Presti.
Or call 285-9242
The Lewiston location will remain open.since we've been there almost 35 years

Kids quit by what is said in the car ride home.
Posted On 06-23-2019
Here are some tips parents need to follow to help their child make it to Black belt and beyond!

Positive things so say!

I’m proud of you!

What are you thinking about?

I love watching you train!

You've made so much progress!

You look so happy while you're training.

I can't wait to watch you again in class!

Things you shouldn't say!

You’ll never get better if you don’t practice!

You don’t look like you’re having fun.
You’ve made so much progress?

I can’t believe you messed that up!

I can’t wait for this season to be over.

You know you don't have to do this, you can quit anytime.

And the worst thing to say!

You know if you quit, you can lay on the couch and watch TV or play your games?

Be the parent!

Master John Presti & Ms. Carly Presti to teach in Las Vegas
Posted On 02-28-2019
Once again Master Presti has been asked to teach at the prestigious UFAF ITC in Las Vegas July 2019. This time with his daughter Carly Presti a 3rd degree Black belt. More information is on

50th Year in Business!
Posted On 02-28-2019
Presti Karate is approaching its 50th year in Business, be prepared for several events celebrating being THE OLDEST martial arts school in Niagara Falls!

Posted On 07-29-2018
Here is a list of World Champs from Presti Karate

Greg Bullock
Shannon Myers
Britini D'Angelo
Carly Presti
James kramp

Some names were eliminated due to disrespect to the school and the Presti Family.

Master Presti Highest rank
Posted On 06-09-2018
July 2017 Master Presti earned the highest rank one can earn by Grand Master Norris, he is now a 9th Degree Black Belt. His journey took him 51 years!

50th year of training
Posted On 08-24-2017
This October 2017 will be Master Presti's 50th year in training. He has seen them come and seen them go. He looks forward to being here each day to teach.

Newly Promoted Masters
Posted On 07-18-2017
Ms Kaloni Plut, Mr Mike Cannon and Ms Shannon Myers were promoted to their 1st Master Rank of 5th Degree Black Belt. Master Gennaro Villella was promoted to 6th degree black belt and Master Presti to the highest level of 9th Degree Black Belt

Bowing in for Kata protocol
Posted On 03-23-2017
The proper kata protocol is to bow to the board at beginning, then repeat name of kata bow, do kata, bow, ready stance. You aren't supposed to bow when told what kata to do, then bow again after saying name

Posted On 12-18-2016
Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts

Reason #1: They (and You) Will Get More Active

martial arts for kids, kids' martial arts, martial arts and children This is the obvious reason kids should do martial arts in this day and age - to get active and moving. In case you haven't noticed, we have an epidemic when it comes to our nation's obesity problem. Were also increasingly unfit in addition to being overweight. The problem is particularly alarming as it relates to our kids. Youth sports and physical education programs are great, but not every kid is an athlete, and many schools no longer offer PE. The martial arts offer many benefits, but when it comes to fitness, becoming a true martial artist means becoming a supremely fit person. Martial arts can help your child get fit and healthy.

Reason #2: They will Learn to Find Focus and Stillness

Many challenges that parents face today, one is that we are constantly plugged in. While there are a great many benefits to the Internet, there are many more benefits in stillness and silence. Unfortunately, stillness and silence seem to be rare to find. At some juncture in life, every one of us comes to learn that the greatest obstacle we face in this lifetime is ourselves. That battle is fought in the stillness of our hearts and the willingness to confront ourselves. Behind the punches, kicks, and knees, a true martial artist learns to sit with himself and see where his weaknesses are. In years of martial arts classes, I remember many challenges, breakthroughs, and setbacks. What I do not remember are distractions or gimmicks like you often see at your local health club. At the martial arts studios, where I trained, there was no loud music or flat screen TVs, just hard work and sweat equity. As a martial artist, your child will learn what it is to be still, challenged, and focused.

Reason #3: They will Learn to Take Hits
martial arts for kids, kids martial arts, martial arts and children In the martial arts, your child will learn what it is to take a hit, whether that hit is a literal blow or a disappointment like failing a test.

Part of life is learning that we all take hits. The key is in learning how best to take that hit and get back up. Unfortunately, this lesson seems to be lost. In the martial arts, your kid will learn to fail - a lot. Half of martial arts is hitting, but half is also getting hit.

When people hire me to teach them, The Chuck Norris System, they can't wait to put on the boots & gloves and start hitting things. Seldom does someone mention how enjoyable it is when I tap him or her upside the head with a focus mitt for dropping their hands.
The first time I got struck in the head sparring in contact karate, I immediately checked to see if there was a mark on my face. The students in class laughed about it. While I didn't find it too funny at the time, I came to learn that accepting I would get hit enabled me to relax and better protect myself. That acceptance led me to be able to better respond, maneuver, and anticipate. Ironically, learning how to take a hit is perhaps the best way for your kid to learn how to avoid it.

Reason #4: They will Gain Self Confidence and Self Respect

martial arts for kids, kids martial arts, martial arts and children, I was able to witness firsthand the confidence he gained by teaching & participating in the martial arts. Kids being able to advance and play with the big kids gives them tremendous amount of confidence.

Of course, playing with the big kids also gives all of us a little reminder of humility - someone is always bigger and stronger.

The right martial arts school will teach your child that there are no tough guys. Every martial artist ultimately learns this sense of respect and true confidence. Your child will learn that confidence and respect for others comes from a deep sense of self-knowledge.

Reason #5: They will Connect Their Mind and Body

What they don't teach you at your local health club is how to really listen to your body. To listen to your body is to also see your thoughts and have heightened awareness of your emotional construct.

A martial artist is taught to see, feel, and listen - both internally and externally. Tapping into intuition, fear, and courage are examples of being able to put the physical together with the mental. How often have we heard the phrase being paralyzed with fear? Being able to combat such a thing is what you learn in the martial arts.

Reason #6: They will Learn Conflict Resolution

People often ask me whether I have ever used my martial arts training in a fight. Indeed, I have used the skills learned from martial arts many times to resolve conflict, but thankfully, never in a physical altercation outside the ring. But better yet, I've been able to walk away.

The perfect
Read more about the best website,

One of the first things Grand Master Master Chuck Norris taught us was that words were never grounds for a fight. That advice right there has saved me many times. In the martial arts, you learn that there is no such thing as fighting words. Instead, you learn to respond without reacting in the martial arts.

Reason #7: They will Learn to Breathe

martial arts for kids, kids martial arts, martial arts and children Of the many things I have learned in the martial arts, breathing is near the top.
Indeed, nothing is more essential to the success of how we move our body than tapping into the life force of our essence - our breath. Ask a professional athlete, or an actor, dancer, or signer, and they will tell you that to succeed in any physical craft is to access your breath correctly.

I am shocked at times working with adults who never learned to breathe properly when under physical exertion. This skill can literally save your life. In the martial arts your kids will learn the essence of how to breathe and even relax under pressure.

The Take Home - How to Proceed

The bottom line is that almost any child can and will benefit from participation in the martial arts. As to what martial art, its honestly not very important. For a typical six or eight year old, the point is to just get them moving and focused. The key in choosing a teacher or school is to do your due diligence when it comes to evaluating the integrity of the program. The better schools will have age specific classes and rank specific classes. As a starting place, I would choose a prospective instructor or coach who talks more about the needs of your child than his or her program. One thing I hate hearing is, my son is 6, he just started and is in a class with kids up to age 14 and he is so good they put in a multi rank class. HMM not at Presti Karate Centers!

Posted On 08-16-2015
Grand Master Chuck Norris is once again has changed the name from Chun Kuk Do to the Chuck Norris System. This was the original name given back, well way back. Im proud to say, were still the only ones in WNY teaching the Chuck Norris System!

Posted On 05-14-2015
Instructors are needed. STILL NEEDED AND DESPARATE!

Presti Karate # 1
Posted On 07-31-2014
We cant believe it, Presti Karate Centers was awarded the Gold Member Award for having the largest Chun Kuk Do school and Best retension UNIVERSALY ,Grand Master Norris presented Master Presti the award in Las Vegas July 19,2014. Wow we cant believe it, We have the largest membership wise in the universe. We are in great company, with Master Chip Wright in Medford Oregon and Ms Melendez in California just behind us.

Posted On 11-21-2013
I want to bring this to attention of our members, especially parents. Weve been had, We have had some individuals from another martial arts school here, but what we found out, they were trying to promote our people to the place they train at. When approached, the response was, Im a mentor from their church, In our lobby they do a lot of bragging of what they do,and give the appearance of knowing more than our teachers. Please let us know if they have approached you or your child. They are NOT certified in any system. They have about 2% of the experience of what any of my black belts have. This makes us angry, especially because they are using religion as their catalyst to get our students to go to the school they train at. They try to come off as trying to help out people. Once we approached them, they lied to us. they denied doing so, Last night one of our kids said he is quitting, he is going with them. DO YOU WANT YOUR CHILD TO TRAIN WITH ANYONE WHO LIES, WHO IS DECEITFUL? Im sorry you have been exposed to this.

College Scholarship Winner is
Posted On 10-16-2013
Congratulations to our 2013/14 College scholarship winner "Shannon Myers"!!
Your name was chosen by an outside group of businessmen, judge and friends of Presti Karate!

Ms Myers is a 4th degree black belt and is in her 3rd year at Niagara University.

My Proudest moments
Posted On 08-07-2012
Ive been asked this several times, and it changes all the time, my daughters being born to new black beltsare my proudest moments. But I have to say that Im so proud of Master Davis being promoted to 6th dan. Its always hard to for UFAF to promote someone to that rank, this is so prestigious, but, I have to admit, he has really stepped up and truly deserve such a rank which brings me to Master Villella, WOW what a guy, this man is a machine, Like Master Davis I can remember when he started, If you look into his eyes, they read Integrity! He is like a brother to me. Im so happy he made it to the master's rank, Grand Master Norris made comments to me about his ceremonial demo he did at the Masters's ceremony, he was so impressed. Then there is Ms Myers and Mr. Bullock, these two have really taken on the challenge with our demo team. What a hard thing to do for two 19 years olds, Ok Ms Myers I know you'll be 19 in September. But they created a family like atmosphere amongst our team, and they never gave up on any of them. There are many of my students who have impacted me, and my teachers, in which I hold teachers' classes for, But the real reason, is because I learn from them. Each and everyone of them are truly dear to me.

Thank you master's Villella, Davis and Ms. Myers and Mr Bullock,. you are so special to me, UFAF and my family. I love you all! Also, Grand Master Norris, says you two are the future leaders of UFAF. All four of you are very special to me, my family and UFAF. Your names are very well known to many of the board members because of what you all do & represent.

Posted On 07-26-2012
Presti Karate Named School of the Year for the 5th Time

Master John Presti, owner and head instructor of the Presti Karate Centers was recognized by Chuck Norris as school of the year. For the fifth time Presti Karate Centers was recognized. This is an international award. Schools from across the U.S., Mexico, Paraguay, Norway, Uzbekistan, and France all qualified, but Presti Karate stuck out by far. The founder of the United Fighting Arts Federation, actor and world champion Grand Master Chuck Norris awarded Presti in Las Vegas in front of his peers on July21st.
This was based on several areas. Presti Karate has a 99.9% black belt passing; classes held his instructors, great quality control, great staff, classes for black belt s only and all classes are age sensitive. All classes are taught on their age level, amount of equipment available for its members, and service to the community. Also mentioned is that Presti Karate has a college scholarship program for any of it's members.

Presti Karate College Scholarship
Posted On 04-01-2012
Presti Karate Centers is proud to offer a college scholarship. This is something Master Presti has wanted to do for years. Presti Karate will have applications available at both local locations. The only swiss replica watches qualifications would be an active member of Presti Karate Centers, and either attending college now or in the fall.

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Presti's Favs
Posted On 03-15-2012
Master Presti has been asked to list his favorite places to visit, dine at and anything else he likes. So here it is. There isn't any specific order, he just likes these places, Mostly restaurants.

Como Restaurant we all know the Como!

D'Avolio Oil, Vinegars & More. Wow what an assortment, Try their 18-year-old Balsamic vinegar. Use their blood orange olive oil in brownies,,

Chris' Appliance repair, he can fix anything!

Casa Antica all around good Italian

Yuki Gunni Japanese restaurant in NF Ontario

Maid of the Mist

Whirlpool Jet Boat Ride, the open one only!

Since Master Presti's favorite food is PIZZA, he said there are too many good places in Western New York to list. Just too many good pizzerias.

FUJI GRILL, wow how Max and his wife Tina take care of you. I love it there. Max Moved and Joanna is the new Max.

Firth Jewelry

Orange Cat for coffee

Favorites Pizza

Fortunas Italian restarant.

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