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Written By: A Mom from our Waiting list

Mr Presti, last year when I called you to get our 5 year into your class at the Lewiston location, You had told me, you had a waiting list and your school starts the children at age 6. You said you teach only age sensistive classes, meaning that my 6 year old to be woul be in classes with children age 6 & 7, and you did beginners only with beginners. Me being impatient and didnt want to wait. I traveled from Ransomville to Niagara Falls to another school, where for 6 months, I watched my son, sit in a class with 5 year olds to adults and they were not beginners, I can't believe I stood for this for 6 months. My child learned nothing, I now understand why Presti Karate stands out from the rest. I will this time wait for an opening.

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Written By: Shane Bordeau

Mr. John Presti,

My name is Shane Bordeau. I was a student of yours many years ago in Lewiston and Niagra Falls. After my family moved to Rochester, you continued to instruct me, giving up your own time.
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Your influence on me as a youngster was profound. As an adult, the lessons you taught me through Karate have made me the man I am today. Although the email format does not do justice, I am deeply greatful for your influence and instruction.
I was pleased to see that your school is going strong with a new location even.

Thank you Mr. Presti.

Shane Bordeau

Shane took lessons from me around 1993 or 94 made it up to his 1st gup red belt

Written By: Mr I want to be unknown

Master Presti, AS I dictate this to you, I have to tell you how comfortable you made the transistion for my child to come into your school. With the previous negative problems with another Martial Arts school, I can tell why you have been in business for over 36 years. Thanks
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Written By: Mr Coliviano

To the Presti Staff, Josh began over three months ago, he has already showed a big difference at home, much faster that we expected. Home work is done and he rarly picks on his little brother. I say forget scoccer this summer and baseball, It's karate time!

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Written By: Mrs Lobiancoux

Mr Presti, I need to tell you that my newphew has improved his manners, and respect through your karate program. He blossomed from a shy, non sport playing child to an outgoing person who will now try sports. This year he is playing baseball for the first time. Thanks to Presti karate.
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Written By: Mrs X

I wish to be unnamed. Only because I did bring my child elsewhere, now we are back. Mr Presti, I owe you an apology, When we first started, you did mention that all your classes were age sensitive, my son would be in a class of 6 and 7 year olds. About a month into the program I took him to another school because they were about $10.00 cheaper per month. I soon found out why. My son was in a class that the ages were from 6 to about 30. I didn't understand how people stayed there. After a week or so, my son was totally frustrated. The classes seamed to be over his head. So now we are back. I must say, the presure is off. He feels better in a class that is geared for his aqe.
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Written By: Presti Karate

We have to say that we are the ONLY school in New York State that is actively generating Black Belts in Chun Kuk Do. All three locations of Presti Karate, Corning, Lewiston, and Niagara Falls are members of the United Fighting Arts Federation, teaching Chun Kuk Do to adults,Both men and women,and children from the ages of 6 and older.
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Written By: Mrs Pembeck

Recentley I heard at your school all the hoopla about going to Vegas for some training and how you pushed and encouraged your members to attend, to further their knowledge. Now even more recentley, I read that you are bringing some of the top instructors from the convention here to Niagara Falls, so that the people who didn't make it will have an opportunity to do so. How unselfish of you. I now know that we made the right decision to bring our child to Presti's. I hope that someday he will be attending them as well!
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Written By: Mrs Bidwell/Mr. Presti

Last week I was speaking to Mrs Bidwell, she is on the UFAF board of directors with me. She was telling me a story that I thought I should share with all of you.
At the UFAF tourny, her 7 year old daughter fought one of our Corning members, (Joey Parson) This ring had some problems with the way it was run. Actually this happen to the only one that I heard of at the UFAF tournament. Anyway,it turns out that many of the kids fought several times and apparentley some who should of placed, didn't, Mrs Bidwell daughter after fighting many times, like the rest thought that she placed, but didn't, so she was very upset, Joey who saw this felt bad after winning third so he gave her his plaque, shortly after she gave it back to him. Boy do we have a lot to learn from this young man. I am very proud of him and so should Mrs Bliss, his instructor, but even most important, his grandparents and parents, Great job everyone! We need more Joey's!
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Written By: Ms Moreal

Mr Presti
I wish to say that you take pride in your school, dojo. Anyway, you have showed not just your students, but your instructors and yes, us parents that continuing education, no mater what field you are in is needed. I have heard you encourage your members to attend the big karate convention in Vegas, to learn more no mater what rank they are. And now I understand that you are bring in two major Masters to the school for your instructors to learn from. I knew we made the right decision attending Presti's.
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